Residential window cleaning services in Albuquerque, NM

Tux’s Residential Division not only cleans all types of Windows, but we also clean your Dryer Vents with HEPA Filters! Tux cleans all types of Blinds and Shades with our on-site ULTRASONIC cleaning unit. Tux does High Cleaning for those hard-to-reach areas that your maid service is unable to clean such as your ceiling fans, chandeliers, high ledges and vents. Outside Tux can clean those unsightly Hard Water Stains off your Windows and protect those windows with a clear coat Sealant to slow down future buildup and help prevent otherwise future replacement. Don’t forget that Solar Panels need to be cleaned at least twice per year according to most standards to ensure top efficiency. Solar panel cleaning will help to maximize your return on your investment! As an authorized installer for Bird-B-Gone, Tux’s Bird Management Division can install Bird Netting or Bird Spikes to detour unwanted guests. Please Click on one of the following tabs for more details!
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