Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning services in Albuquerque, NM

Solar panels are an excellent source of energy generation. However, if dirt is allowed to accumulate on panels without proper maintenance, it may reduce the productivity of your solar panels. Regular cleaning and maintenance is recommended to ensure your solar panels continue to operate efficiently.

Solar panels are prone to dust, dirt debris, and bird droppings, all of which can reduce output. A dust layer of four grams per square meter can decrease solar power conversion by 40%. This necessitates routine cleaning and maintenance in order to ensure that they continue to work effectively while also providing an optimal return on investment.

Tux Window Cleaning has developed a stringent set of procedures based on our extensive experience to ensure our customers receive high-quality service. Our experienced workforce has a high attention to detail, ensuring no spot is left unclean and panels remain unharmed. We accomplish this by surveying the equipment and surrounding areas and using that information to analyze the requirements and intricacies of the job. A combination of safe and time-tested chemicals, pure filtered water, and high-grade equipment is used to ensure that no residue or marks are left on the panels.

We offer a wide range of solar panel cleaning services for both residential and commercial sectors, and we strive to continue to add more value for our loyal customers. Whether you’re looking for more information or would like to schedule an appointment for solar panel cleaning services in Albuquerque, call us at (505) 888-8858. Our service staff is available 24/7!

Solar Panel Cleaning