Cleaning Skylights

The skylights in our home don’t often get cleaned because of their hard-to-reach nature. With accumulated dust, debris, and even spider webs—they are the one place in our home that needs it the most! Just like any other window in your home, the layers of dust can lower the amount of light that enters your home, and over time can … Read More

How Often You Should Clean Your Windows & Why

Whether you own a home or business, you know that there are many things that require frequent cleaning. From sweeping and mopping to dusting and taking out the trash, the tasks are endless—and oftentimes can cause us to forget about others, like windows! Having your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis is important for any home or business, but … Read More

Health Benefits of Clean Windows

Health has always been a top priority, but given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, its importance is even more paramount! There are many things we can do to improve and maintain our health, such as eating right, exercising, and drinking lots of water—but have you ever thought about the ways in which your environment affects your health? Places where you spend … Read More

Window Cleaning: Leave It to the Pros

These days, it’s all about DIY! There are a number of articles, blogs, and TV shows guiding property owners in building improvements, repairs, cleaning, and beyond. However, there are some jobs that should just be left to the professionals—like window cleaning! When it comes to residential and commercial windows, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional window … Read More

Winter Home Maintenance: Preparing for the Cold

It was a long, hot summer (and spring!) here in New Mexico, which seems to finally be drawing to a close, perhaps a little later than usual. While the seasons may seem to be stretching on for longer than normal, they also seem to be changing faster, going from hot to cold with greater speed. While we all enjoy the … Read More

What Is Hard Water & Why Does It Cause Stains on Windows

Are your windows covered in small, white stains often shaped like water droplets? Have your drinking glasses lost some of their luster, and become cloudy? The culprit: hard water. Everyone’s heard of it, everyone knows you don’t want it, but many don’t know what it actually is, or the effects it can have – especially on your windows. What’s with … Read More

Do My Solar Panels Need to be Professionally Cleaned?

Like every other part of your home, your solar panels will start to get dirty. Environmental factors such as dust and dirt, bird droppings, and other pollutants can build up over time on your solar panels, particularly if you have a flat array as opposed to a tilted one. This buildup, in small amounts, will have a minimal impact on … Read More

Why It’s Important to Clean Uncommon Areas in Your Home

It’s important to keep your floors swept, surfaces sanitized, and dishes done, but have you ever cleaned inside of your vents, shades, or that hard-to-reach spot on your ceiling? There are many benefits to keeping these areas clean, but here are just a few to keep in mind the next time you’re cleaning your New Mexico home! Cleaning Your Vents … Read More

Don’t Make These Window Cleaning Mistakes

Trying to get your windows sparkling clean can feel harder than it looks. Whether you’re having guests over or getting to some much needed deep cleaning, your windows are a great source of light to your home and it’s important to keep them clear! Here are some tips on cleaning your home’s windows and mistakes you should try to avoid … Read More

Top 3 Places People Forget to Spring Clean

Woman with Cleaning Supplies

Spring cleaning is upon homeowners everywhere! To some, this is a time they look forward to, and to others, it’s a slightly less enjoyable period where we realize there is a lot more to clean than we thought. Spring cleaning can mean everything from the simple washing and rearranging of items, to deep cleaning and sanitizing every surface of your … Read More