Cleaning Skylights

The skylights in our home don’t often get cleaned because of their hard-to-reach nature. With accumulated dust, debris, and even spider webs—they are the one place in our home that needs it the most! Just like any other window in your home, the layers of dust can lower the amount of light that enters your home, and over time can ultimately damage the pane.

What is your skylight made of?
Skylights typically are made with either acrylic or glass, and each has a different cleaning process that is best for the material. Depending on how old your skylight is, glass skylights can come with a coating to help protect it from the elements outside, but still need a wipe down on the interior of your home. Acrylic skylights may need more regular maintenance if they don’t come with an extra coating protection. Using the wrong type of cleaning solution, such as an alcohol-based cleaner can even damage the surface if you’re not careful. Regular cleaning can also help to prevent any discoloration or damage to the material.

Choosing to overlook the regular cleaning of your skylights or high-to-reach windows may not seem like a big deal, but as time passes, you may run into a situation where the entire skylight may need to be replaced. On the outside of your home, Tux Window Cleaning can clean those unsightly hard water stains, too and provide a clear coat sealant to slow down future buildup!

No matter the material, many skylights are nearly impossible to reach safely for the average homeowner. We recommend calling the professionals at Tux Window Cleaning of Albuquerque to help let more of the sunshine in with a scheduled cleaning of your home’s hard-to-reach windows, high ledges, or skylights!