Do My Solar Panels Need to be Professionally Cleaned?

Like every other part of your home, your solar panels will start to get dirty. Environmental factors such as dust and dirt,
bird droppings, and other pollutants can build up over time on your solar panels, particularly if you have a flat array as
opposed to a tilted one. This buildup, in small amounts, will have a minimal impact on the efficiency of your solar
panels. However, when your panels become too dirty, it can have serious repercussions on the energy output and the
value of your solar panel array. It is important, especially in dustier regions such as the Desert Southwest, to keep a
close eye on your solar panels and monitor the amount of dirt and buildup that they are accumulating. In one
experiment conducted by Google, it was found that cleaning solar panels roughly every 15 months nearly doubled their
electricity output, while another study found that failing to clean your solar panels for a full year can reduce their energy
output by as much as 30%.

Do I Need a Professional Cleaning?
While it is possible to clean your solar panels on your own, it is not recommended for several reasons, the first and
most important being your safety. Many solar arrays are located on top of homes or other buildings, meaning that in
order to clean them, one has to climb up on the roof with all of their tools and supplies. While this is not necessarily
unsafe, a professional cleaning crew has the proper experience and equipment to do this safely and efficiently, saving
you lots of time and worry. Ultimately, it may be cheaper to hire a professional service instead of purchasing all of the
necessary items to do it yourself, especially if you do not own some of the more expensive equipment used such as a
climbing harness.

Trusted Albuquerque Solar Panel Cleaners
While it isn’t necessary to keep your solar panels completely spotless at all times, it is important to make sure to have
them cleaned when they start to get too dirty, at least once a year depending on the type of arrangement you have.
While there are many guides available on how to self-clean your solar panels, it is generally recommended to leave it
to a professional.

At Tux Window Cleaning in Albuquerque, we are professionals who specialize in cleaning both windows and solar
panels. Let us help you keep your solar panels running at maximum efficiency and schedule an appointment with us