Don’t Make These Window Cleaning Mistakes

Trying to get your windows sparkling clean can feel harder than it looks. Whether you’re having guests over or getting to some much needed deep cleaning, your windows are a great source of light to your home and it’s important to keep them clear! Here are some tips on cleaning your home’s windows and mistakes you should try to avoid to achieve the perfect shine.

Start with the interior of your windows, since they can be the easiest to reach! One tall tale of window cleaning is drying your windows with newspaper to avoid streaks but it can cause damage to the glass, and is typically made with harsh chemicals that can rub off onto your skin. Use a microfiber cloth instead, or a squeegee to get the best results! Another option is store bought glass cleaner, or a mixture of white vinegar and water added to a spray bottle.

Don’t rely on rain to ‘clean’ the surface of your exterior windows. Although we hardly see rain in New Mexico, the rain can bring dirt, dust, pollen, and other elements that layer on the glass and can cause more harm than good. Not only does this affect the life of your window, but limits the amount of light or heat that comes into your home which can increase your energy usage.

For tough stains, be mindful of how rough you are when scraping and cleaning your windows’ surface. For years worth of packed dirt or grime, it’s important to invest in the proper cleaning chemicals, and to be aware of the type of windows you have – as too hard of scraping could permanently damage your window.

It may seem practical to clean your outdoor windows yourself, but professional window cleaners not only have the proper tools and experience for exterior home and commercial windows, but also are certified, insured, and licensed to get you the best results. We recommend hiring a professional like Tux Window Cleaning in Albuquerque for a longer lasting shine, an added clear coat sealant for extra protection—and, we can clean your solar panels, chandeliers, and vents all at the same time!

Your home’s first impression is important, so make it a good one. Contact us for help in keeping your windows gleaming all year long! Contact Tux Window Cleaning in Albuquerque at (505) 888-8858 for more information.