Health Benefits of Clean Windows

Health has always been a top priority, but given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, its importance is even more paramount! There are many things we can do to improve and maintain our health, such as eating right, exercising, and drinking lots of water—but have you ever thought about the ways in which your environment affects your health? Places where you spend the most time, like home and work, can have a significant impact on your health, and it’s important to ensure they’re attributed to a safe and healthy space. One way to do this is by having your windows professionally cleaned—yes, windows!

Though it may not seem like it, the cleanliness of your windows can make a big difference in many aspects of your home or workplace. By having them professionally cleaned, you’re not only creating a more comfortable environment, but are ensuring the health of you, your family, staff, and customers—but how? Our experts explain the many benefits of having your windows cleaned below.

Reduced Allergens
In New Mexico, many people are affected by seasonal allergies, causing them to experience headaches, congestion, a runny or stuffy nose, and beyond. Seasonal allergies are normally triggered by airborne substances, like pollen, which can easily become trapped on your windows and in your curtains and blinds. If not routinely cleaned, the trapped allergens can cause seasonal allergies to become a year-round problem—making frequent professional window cleaning a must!

Improved Air Quality
In addition to pollen, dust is another substance that easily builds up on windows, curtains, and blinds. Overtime, this can create poor air quality, causing headaches, difficulty breathing, and fatigue. To avoid these side effects, professional window cleaners work to rid of potential irritants while also leaving your windows sparkly clean.

Mold Removal
Mold can form on your window panes and in the frames of your windows without you even noticing. It’s commonly caused by condensation, which creates the ideal environment for black mold to grow and spread. Mold is not only unsightly and damaging to your window structures, but it is also dangerous to your health. Routine window cleaning allows the professionals to inspect such areas and rid of the possibility of mold before it can even begin to form!

Spider Control
Spiders love to build their webs along window panes, making it a prime location for spider nests and egg clusters. Cleaning your windows regularly will eliminate this possibility while helping to prevent unsightly cobwebs and potentially dangerous spider bites.

Improved Natural Light
It may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting—when your windows are clean they let in more natural light! Light not only brightens up your home, but it also has many health benefits, including boosting your mental health and physical wellbeing.

If your windows are looking dirty or simply haven’t been cleaned, then it’s time to call Tux Window Cleaners in Albuquerque at (505) 888-8858 for professional commercial and residential window cleaning!