The Importance of a Commercial Window Cleaner

two people washing high rise windows

two people washing high rise windows It’s not uncommon to completely forget about cleaning your windows, especially when they’re on the side of a high-rise building. We often get used to staring out foggy, dirty, and spotty windows out of our office — but it doesn’t have to be that way! When it comes to owning a business, first impressions and outer appearances are everything. People get their first impression of a business or office space upon walking up to the front door, and usually your windows are among the first things they see! Unkempt windows can indicate a company's lack of attention to detail and cleanliness. As Albuquerque’s commercial window cleaners, Tux Window Cleaning can keep your windows looking flawless in addition to keeping other vital areas to your business clean, too!

Professional Albuquerque Commercial Window Cleaners

People often wrongly assume that a window washer just uses soap and water to clean windows but that is far from the truth! The following are just some of the services that a commercial window cleaner such as Tux can do to make sure your business is ready to impress your clients and visitors:

  • High-rise Window Cleaning - High-rise windows are extremely difficult to keep clean, as they are impossible to reach without the right equipment and can become spotty from constant weather exposure. High-rise window washing should be left to professionals only, as it requires specific safety parameters and equipment to get the job done right!
  • Blind and Shade Cleaning - It’s easy to forget to dust your blinds and shades, and in a business, they can sometimes be in difficult to reach areas. Cleaning your blinds will not only get dust out of the air, but your customers will notice that you don’t have years of grime piled up on and around your windows. You can have a basic dust and wipe down of your blinds or employ Tux Window Cleanings’s state-of-the-art ultrasonic blind and shade cleaning machine for perfect looking blinds and shades every time!
  •  Solar Panel Cleaning - To receive the maximum output from your solar panels, you must keep them clear of leaves, sticks, and other debris that might block spots from getting sunlight. Tux Window Cleaning can keep your solar panels clean so that you get the most out of the Albuquerque sun!
  • Hard Water Stains - Hard water stains are hard to get rid of, but with the right tools, Tux can help you remove those stains on the outside of your windows so that you don’t have to replace them!
  • Window Sealant - On top of removing hard water stains and other dirt, Tux Window Cleaning can provide a clear coat sealant to protect your glass, and to slow future buildup and stop water from leaking in!

Window cleaners can offer much more to your business than just cleaning the outside of your office windows. Along with keeping the outside looking clean to make a good impression on your guests, we also take care of your interior windows, vents, solar panels, and more. If you’re looking for an Albuquerque window washing company to ensure your business always looks its best, give Tux Window Cleaning a call today!