Top 3 Places People Forget to Spring Clean

Woman with Cleaning Supplies

Spring cleaning is upon homeowners everywhere! To some, this is a time they look forward to, and to others, it’s a slightly less enjoyable period where we realize there is a lot more to clean than we thought. Spring cleaning can mean everything from the simple washing and rearranging of items, to deep cleaning and sanitizing every surface of your home. No matter the lengths of your cleaning this season, spring is a great time to refresh your home or business for the rest of the year ahead!

The best way to ensure you’ve cleaned all the areas of your home is to start out with a list of areas you want to hit in each room. This will help you to stay on track and be thorough! But, even with a plan in place, items can be forgotten or missed!

Here are the top three places that don't get as much attention in the home:

Shower Head & Faucet Head
Most of us use our shower on a daily basis, as well as faucets in our kitchen or bathroom. Even though this is something we use daily, the most cleaning they get is a quick wipe and rinse.

Shower heads and faucet heads can spray unevenly or have reduced water pressure if they’re clogged with minerals from tap water. To restore functionality, remove the head to your faucet or shower and soak it in a container of white vinegar for several hours—or possibly overnight to remove stuck-on grime. If you can’t remove the head, you can fill a bag such as a Ziploc with vinegar and tie it to the faucet/shower head!

Windows & Window Treatments
Our windows are a large source of the light and warmth we receive in our home. They are easy to spot dirt and smudges on, but a lot of the time we only wipe down the inside and not the outside—if we clean them at all! Similarly, our blinds and curtains are often forgotten during regular cleaning sessions, particularly on the backsides!

From blinds to curtains, wiping and vacuuming dust off is the quickest fix. If you’ve collected stains on your curtains, most can be washed by hand or steamed clean. The best way to keep the collection of dust away is to regularly wipe down blinds and vacuum both sides of curtains to prevent the dust from traveling in the air.

If outdoor windows have been left untreated for some time, the buildup of dirt and debris can ultimately damage the seal and reduce the efficiency of the window. As the Albuquerque window cleaning professionals, Tux Window Cleaning has the right products to keep your windows cleaner for longer, and we can reach the ones you may not be able to! Call us today for an estimate on your home's windows and check that off your spring cleaning list!

Hard-to-Reach Areas
The places we don’t look at everyday tend to be the ones that don’t get cleaned quite as often. Hard-to-reach areas such as the tops of cabinets or behind appliances can gather large amounts of dust, dirt, and crumbs that build up over the years. It takes a little effort and maybe even the help of another person, but most appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers can be slid out and cleaned behind! These are not hard areas to clean, just hard to get to!

We may not be able to help you with all the items on your spring cleaning list, but we can offer our expertise in a wide variety of places! We can clean all types of window treatments using our ULTRASONIC portable cleaning unit, including interior and exterior windows, hard-to-reach places such as ceiling fans, chandeliers, vents, and even solar panels. Call us today for a professional window cleaning Albuquerque trusts! (505) 888-8858