What Is Hard Water & Why Does It Cause Stains on Windows

Are your windows covered in small, white stains often shaped like water droplets? Have your drinking glasses lost some of their luster, and become cloudy? The culprit: hard water. Everyone’s heard of it, everyone knows you don’t want it, but many don’t know what it actually is, or the effects it can have – especially on your windows.

What’s with the Water?
The hardness of water is determined by several factors, but mostly is a result of the presence of magnesium and calcium in the water. The greater the levels of these two minerals, along with several others, the “harder” the water will be and the more work it will entail to soften the water. Water hardness varies greatly across the United States, as it is based on the geological composition of the ground soil in the area, and some regions have much harder water than others. Here in the desert Southwest of New Mexico, our groundwater is on the harder side according to the US Geological Survey, which can lead to stains on your windows that can be very tough to get out without the proper techniques and cleaning agents.

What Can Be Done?
Hard water stains on windows are created over time as hard water sits on the glass and leaves mineral deposits behind, embedded in the structure of the glass. The older the stains, the more difficult they will be to remove, particularly on your own. Standard household cleaning products will not be strong enough to treat most hard water stains, and improper cleaning methods can damage your windows permanently, costing you more money in the long run – yikes!

While using specific products such as ammonia or vinegar can treat more mild stains and prevent some new ones from forming, for a majority of hard water stains, it is best to call a professional cleaning service. Fortunately, Tux Window Cleaning in Albuquerque has a team of trained professionals who are experienced in removing even the worst hard water stains, and can make your windows sparkle like they’re brand new! Tux has professional-grade, specially formulated cleaning products which can revive and restore windows suffering from deeply set hard water stains, giving them another life.

Have hard water stains on your windows? Call Tux Window Cleaning today!