Why It’s Important to Clean Uncommon Areas in Your Home

It’s important to keep your floors swept, surfaces sanitized, and dishes done, but have you ever cleaned inside of your
vents, shades, or that hard-to-reach spot on your ceiling? There are many benefits to keeping these areas clean, but
here are just a few to keep in mind the next time you’re cleaning your New Mexico home!

Cleaning Your Vents
Our home’s HVAC systems typically push air throughout our home using a ventilation system. Not maintaining ducts
means that collected allergens can be pushed throughout your home, into the air you breathe and onto the items you
use every day. Having your vents professionally cleaned will not only help create a cleaner living environment but can
reduce the spread of harmful allergens and irritants such as pet dander, mold spores, and more.

Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas
High ledges, pitched ceilings, and fans—these areas don’t get cleaned as often as they should and easily collect dust
over time. Because we breathe in the air of our home for hours on end, it’s important to keep items that may harbor
allergens clean and clear for better breathing! If you need help reaching these areas, call Tux Window Cleaning in
Albuquerque for high-quality help!

Cleaning Shades and Drapes
If your family suffers from allergies or respiratory problems while inside your home, it could be due to the accumulation
of dust, dander, or dirt hidden on your shades and window coverings. Shades are commonly kept closed more than
they are open, and oftentimes go un-touched in most homes. In doing so, they can collect micro-sized dust particles,
pet hair, or odors that can easily irritate allergies. Contact our team of professionals and see how we use our on-site
ULTRASONIC cleaning unit to help maximize the clean inside your home!

Help promote healthier living throughout your home with help from Tux Window Cleaning in Albuquerque for your
vents, ceiling fans, ledges, solar panels and more!