Winter Home Maintenance: Preparing for the Cold

It was a long, hot summer (and spring!) here in New Mexico, which seems to finally be drawing to a close, perhaps a little later than usual. While the seasons may seem to be stretching on for longer than normal, they also seem to be changing faster, going from hot to cold with greater speed. While we all enjoy the fall weather a great deal, it is important to look ahead to the winter months and make sure your home is properly prepared for the impending cold weather and winter elements. With this in mind, we wanted to take a few minutes to share a brief guide to a few simple steps you can take to prepare your Albuquerque home for the winter season in order to keep it warm, cozy, and energy efficient!

Extra Insulation
It is possible to add temporary extra insulation to your windows for the winter months in the form of window insulation film, which usually is applied like a sticker to both sides of the window and allows it to retain more heat than normal. Another option is to invest in a set of thermal drapes, which replace your regular curtains for the winter and add an extra layer of insulation.

Caulking and Weather Stripping
One surefire way to reduce the draftiness in your home is to apply caulk or weather strips to the cracks around the bottom and sides of your windows and doors. By filling these cracks in with either caulk or weather strips, you are able to trap much more heat in your home, reducing both the cold drafts you feel and the amount you pay on your energy bill every month. For best results, it is important to find the right caulk and/or weather strips that match the color and style of your home.

Door Sweeps
Adding a door sweep is a very easy and popular way to reduce energy waste via your doorways by simply sealing the crack at the bottom of your doors.

Keeping Your Windows Clean
Layers of dirt, grime, and more will build up on your windows throughout winter. All that melted snow will leave streaks of dirt and other debris across the glass. But how do you keep your windows clean when it’s cold outside? There are some important factors to keep in mind, such as not using hot water and using the right cleaning supplies. When in doubt, it’s best to trust professionals such as the team at Tux Window Cleaning! We help Albuquerque homes and businesses keep their windows clean throughout the year! Call today to schedule your appointment!